Dhs. 2,300.00
يتم احتساب الشحن عند الخروج.
Size: XS

Step into understated elegance with Waed Asmar's High Neck Overlapping Abaya, a testament to the fusion of modesty and modern style. Designed to envelop you in sophistication, this abaya redefines classic charm with contemporary flair.

The high neck and overlapping front create a sense of refinement, while the included belt offers a subtle cinch at the waist, accentuating your natural curves with grace and poise. This thoughtful detail adds a touch of definition without compromising on modesty, allowing you to exude confidence with every step.

Adorned with delicate crystal flower embroidery on both the front and sleeves, this abaya is a work of art in its own right. Each intricately stitched blossom captures the light, adding a subtle sparkle to your ensemble and imbuing it with an air of timeless romance.

Whether you're attending a formal affair or simply stepping out for a casual outing, the High Neck Overlapping Abaya by Waed Asmar is sure to make a statement. Embrace sophistication and grace with every wear, as you captivate hearts and minds with your effortless charm and impeccable style.